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Development of a Shape-Memory Tube to Prevent Vascular Stenosis

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Development of a Shape-Memory Tube to Prevent Vascular Stenosis
Inserting a graft into vessels with different diameters frequently causes severe damage to the host vessels. Poor flow patency is an unresolved issue in grafts, particularly those with diameters less than 6 mm, because of vessel occlusion caused by disturbed blood flow following fast clotting. Herein, successful patency in the deployment of an ≈2 mm diameter graft into a porcine vessel is reported. A new library of property-tunable shape-memory polymers that prevent vessel damage by expanding the graft diameter circumferentially upon implantation is presented. The polymers undergo seven consecutive cycles of strain energy-preserved shape programming. Moreover, the new graft tube, which features a diffuser shape, minimizes disturbed flow formation and prevents thrombosis because its surface is coated with nitric-oxide-releasing peptides. Improved patency in a porcine vessel for 18 d is demonstrated while occlusive vascular remodeling occurs. These insights will help advance vascular graft design.
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